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[IP] Rapid D Problems

Hi Nita!
I've had problems too - once with insulin actually leaking out of the 
connecting lock and yesterday and a couple of other times (many?) the 
insulin just stops coming through the tubing and my blood sugars sky rocket- 
  this has happenned to me so many times now that I'm changing them 2 or 
more times daily - once 6 x's and yes I sent sets I could find (used) back 
to Disetronic.  I was glad I had some leftover regular Rapids to get me 
through.  I can only take so much of those constant high BG's before I want 
something that works!

Am calling Disetronic today.  I'm glad they work fine for you George - it 
gives me hope.  But what do you do with 80 mm of tubing? or is that an adult 
recreation question?

Dianne in Arkansassy

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