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[IP] Medicare Insulin


Medicare pays 80% of the 'allowed amount' which isn't a lot.  I went to 
Wal-Mart and insisted that it was covered and my endo had to write out a 
very specific prescription for it which Medicare wants renewed every six 
months (kinda like the pump supplies and test strips).  Call Medicare 
Customer Service in Columbia South Carolina at 1-800-213-5452 and wade 
through the voice answering 'options' until you get a live operator.  Make 
sure you've got your Medicare # handy.

I can't really remember how I worked this out but I remember it was a hassle 
getting the Wal-Mart pharmacist on the same page as I was.  Better yet I get 
a 3 month's supply of insulin from Get Well Pharmacy (cute) in Florida- who 
can and will supply insulin (shipped with ice pack), test strips  (also 
covered by Medicare), lancets, meters, whatever.  Then you don't have to 
fool around hoping your insulin will last 'til you get back from vacation. 
1-877-917-2225 - tell them you're a new customer on Medicare - they have 
special reps who handle this.

You'll need your endo's number and hopefuly FAX and they can take care of 
all the scripts for you.  There are other providers of this kind of service. 
  What I like is that they bill Medicare directly and I don't have to wait 
for Medicare to reimburse me.  Three months of test strips and insulin for 
me is over $1000.00

Good luck.

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