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[IP] Women and Hormones

Hi All,
I had to respond to this one...I'm 47 and been going through

I was having such a hard time not the time of, but the week before...sometimes
my BG would soar and then drop like a rocket...

I was put on a low dose of birth control pills last year and it has helped
somewhat, but it still happens, but at least I know now when"it's" coming...

The squad was called 2 times for me last year because of the fast dropping...I
went clear out!!!!

In my 37 years with diabetes the squad never has to come for me...I felt like
a failure, but I guess hormones do "funny" things...

it's nice not to feel alone ...
all of the talk about the "old" days has been nice...I always felt so alone
when I was a child...you parents...I applaud you!!!!..

sorry to ramble....just thanks for all of you.....you're awesome!!!!!!and the
support is great...have a great day!!!!!!!

RHonda Type 1 for 37 years and a proud pumper for 7 years(Love my PUMP!!!)
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