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[IP] Novolog vs. Humalog

I've been pumping for over 4 years now, using Humalog exclusively, and
changing the infusion set every 3 days. Quite predictably, I have noted
diminished control over each 3 day period with BG levels increasing
significantly toward the end of that last day just prior to a set
change. Some published theories infer that some degree of insulin
crystallization occurs over time and the flow of insulin is compromised
and/or the absorption rate at the cannula site diminishes. 

Recently, my endo. suggested I try Novolog. Using it unit for unit
dosage, I found it to be vastly more predictable, stable and consistent,
especially on that 3rd day. My BG level just prior to a set change
remained exactly as expected and desired. YMWV, but if you may wish to
discuss this alternative with your medical advisor if you also
experience similar, diminished control. For some time, I have noted
similar comments in this forum that support my own experience.
Currently, there is a double blind study underway with the hope of
establishing the validity of this difference between Novolog and

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