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[IP] experimetns

harvey wrote:
> conducted my own experiment just now.  Tested myself 
> 3 times within 1 minutes time.Left ring finger - 128Right 
> middle finger - 124Left middle finger - 98

Seems to me that those readings are all within the ACCEPTED variance of 
18-20%.  This is STANDARD...the meters are ALLOWED by LAW to be off as much 
as 20% (maybe more, i am not sure) from test to test.   Check the folded up 
paper that comes in the box of your strips = it will tell you what the 
acceptable variance is

OR perhaps
 you had something sweet on your "high" finger???

compare your meter with your doctors....that is about the only comparing we 
ought to do...and NEVER compare from meter to meter...tht is truly an 
exercise in futility

20% is ACCEPTABLE...just be glad you were in good numbers...what if you were 
350 in one finger, 420 in another and 280 in the third - how would you 

Sara SP AZ
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