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Re: [IP] Rapid-D problems

On 8/14/02 10:39 PM, "nita" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I was just wondering if anyone else that is using the
> new Rapid Disconnects is having any problems?  Jesica
> has been using them since June, and we have had more
> lines break at the luer lock and more occlusions than
> we ever had with the regular Rapids.  So much so that
> we are now out of tubing but have plenty of sets left!
> I called Disetronic and talked to them and they are
> sending me 6 tubes.  He also said they have been
> getting reports of both, but more occlusion problems
> than anything.  If you are having troubles, maybe you
> should call and add your concerns, as they are going
> to be investigating the problems now.
> Just a curious question.
> Nita

No, Nita.    I haven't had those problems.  I wonder if it could be batch
related.   I've been using the 80 cm tubes.   I thought the luer connector
was reinforced better than the one on the straight line Rapids.  Matter of
fact, I keep my pump in a pocket upside down so the tubing is usually bent
at the luer connector but haven't had a break yet.  Or any occlusion alarms,
but as we say YMMV.    Give Jessica a pump hug for me!         ;>)

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