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[IP] Re: Carrie's Pump Vacation

Since joining this list, I have been amazed by stories of kids whose pump 
sites are never swelled, of people who find 150 point BSg differences in arm 
testing vs finger testing, and those who think pump vacations are insane.  
Please try to realize that there are some amazing alternatives to improve the 
quality of life living with diabetes. For if there is one thing I have 
learned in dealing with this disease for 26 years, I can state that what 
seems great and infallible today in treating your diabetes, may become 
anything but constant and predictable over time, including pump therapy.  To 
especially parents of young kids on pumps, please keep an open mind and 
realize that going on injections from time to time has a lot of positives in 
helping your child maintain long term pump therapy-  Sticking a canula into 
an over-all swollen site area is not one of them.  Or is going IM into a leg 
for three days.  I gave myself shots when I was 12, and I can tell you, I 
felt everyone one of them 3x as bad as I do now with my adult frame.  So I 
know that going on a pump as a kid is demanding with little body fat. - I was 
there when I was 18 going on the pump for the first time- Skinny as a rail!  
But by the time I was 23, I was a lot healthier, somewaht FAT, but by ab 
sites needed a long term break- And guess waht? My control improved going to 
injections as I had fresh sites in my legs, arms and butt and I didn't touch 
my abs for years.  Now my abs are healed and I'm back on the pump- Coming 
full cycle over a 20 year period, I wish I had taken more pump vacations when 
I had the chance.  But I was closed minded and felt going back to shots was a 
step back when instead it would have allowed me to step forward towards 
better control.  And look what is out there for helping you or your loved one 
while on a pump vacation.  I use Lantus, Novalog, Humalog and Humalin.  I 
have three sizes of syringes to choose from. It's like a custom menu of 
control and I can test 12 times a day without feeling a thing using my arm 
witha One Touch Ultra machine.  Ok, so I use a needle to admin. my insulin, 
but that does not mean I've stepped back in controlling my disease.  Some 
people feel that there has not been a lot of progress in treating diabetes 
because we have to still stick ourselves.  I say bahhooee on this idea- Try 
one shot of refrigerated pork Lente using a 25 gauge Monoject syringe and 
urine sugar test tape for a day and you'll see how far we've gotten. I feel 
that pump vacations are part of this progress- so there (-:  Now blast 
me................I know, I know, you can leave your pump site for two weeks 
and not have a rash..............gasp!

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