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[IP] For women...hormone fluctuation

Monthly hormones changes were difficult, but back in the "dark ages" the
highs were just kind of absorbed as were the lows.  Now my bs still go
all over the .  80ish  to HI without warning, changing sites several
times a day for 2-3 days, changing bottles of insulin and all that those
things entail are scary.  Of course, as a female I look first for fault
in me to see what I did to cause this.  Sigh.  No one has any answers.  I
wonder if my (3 years of) HRT could be a factor.

My question is, once menopause has stricken, how do you
anticipate/diagnose hormone fluctations.  Of course there's no
finger-stick for this, but is there some way to safeguard yourself?  Is
there a proper way to react?  Has anyone dealt with this?  Thanks for
your input.

Joyce Koch

dx 2/68 ip 2/01


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