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Re: [IP] women only?

At 09:18 PM 8/14/02, you wrote:
>The way I heard it from my pump-CDE RN 9+ years ago answering
>to a pumpers & hope-to group meeting "how to wear/carry it?":
>"Here's where all you girls have it over the guys!
>at least those of you who wear one, Just use your bra!"

Sorry, I have always felt that a bra was the most uncomfortable piece of 
clothing ever invented, and I rarely wear them (oops, my secret is out 
now).  I would much rather find other ways to wear MY pump.  My main choice 
is mostly on my waist (isn't that what that little pocket in jeans was made 
for?).  Under dresses I prefer bike shorts to clip it to (I never much wear 
skin tight anythings anymore at my age, so the bike shorts work real well 
for me).

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