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Re: [IP] women only?

NO Sara, not for women only!
I may be the only guy who uses a bra as my pump-holster,
but I DO agree with Pamela Wynne (email @ redacted ) in
[IP] Wearing my Paradigm
>Does anyone out there (ladies only please) who wears their Pump without the 
>holster in their bra
that it is the MOST Comfortable place to wear it.
Pamela - Don't "worry" about body-temperature vs the insulin,
its better than any hot-air exposure "outside", (or cold winter NJ).

If you want to "protect the pump" from body moisture & oils,
as was suggested to me long ago, (and which I no longer do)
Three alternatives to M-MM's pump-holster could serve on any
inside-duty in bra or pocket:
1)cotton baby-sock
2)Unique Accessories bra-pocket
(tried it, hard to put pump back into it after pull out)
3) this really does hold well, saves dropping pump too:
pin a calf-high nylon stocking to base-band of bra,
(nude-toe needed to see the pump's screen through the mesh)
Got some cheaper than list-price for damage in cuff when I
bought some. Those who might "regularly" wear such could
make this an alternative-use.

And, I appreciate Sara F (SP Arizona)'s subjectline-changing in
[IP] women only?
>ohhhh you are such a sexist!!!  what about men out there who probably OUGHT 
>to wear a bra????  don't their opinions count?
150#, 6'0" tall, traded in my M undershirts for a now-unavailable
(but I have not gone looking for any more either!) flat-front
no-cup sports bra style labeled 38ABC when I took up i-pumping.
Bigger guys than me are out of luck, 36 seems to be the largest
any A-cup I found, which is too tight for me!
Really wanted 42Aflatminus (found band-length standard defined
as "size" minus 5 inches minus 1 more inch for every A+cupletter)

Here on IP-list I've seen opinion of women for/against THEIR own
using bra to carry pump range from "I would never" to "I always".

>and are women who DON'T wear a bra excluded from commenting??
The way I heard it from my pump-CDE RN 9+ years ago answering
to a pumpers & hope-to group meeting "how to wear/carry it?":
"Here's where all you girls have it over the guys!
at least those of you who wear one, Just use your bra!"

That was 2 weeks after I had chosen this as MY holster-of-choice,
before I told/showed her, and guys can open shirt most anywhere!
The week before I started pumping, I was trying-out the various
devices to carry the pump, and found the belt-around-my-middle
worked partially OK, except for two things:
1) covered much future infusion-site territory
2) had to be uncomfortably tight to support the pump.
Both were solved by an inexpensive
chest-strap with shoulder-straps, which sounded to me like the
thing commonly sold as 38ABC sports brassiere for women.
Only ever criticised by ONE of my sisters-in-law, endorsed by another
and several of ip-list's women in some discussions here.
Oh, and one man to whom I had suggested it in
online chat may've slowed his getting pump.
Clip at waist-band is cause of much difficulty
for those who wear pump outside:
1) exposed to everything : hot/cold weather, doorknobs or any other
"hook" to catch on
2) must be moved when belt-opened for toilet-sitting (thus do those
pumps that go swimming in toilets get there!) - and for women,
that's EVERY time 1or2, not just my and other men's only at2.
3) or any other clothes-changing
4) Farther from my ear, so I cannot hear its sounds as easily
as when on my chest.

Other men's pump-holsters I've seen were
1)leather custom-sewn, spelled $$$.
2)eyeglass case (Cheap, it worked!)

Sport bra holds pump convenient, but not in-the-way of anything for me.
Some women will like Pamela, take pump "out" during "home" part of day.
I only change in/out bedtime.
I've used the pump-T-shirt first from Unique Accessories (duplicated
by all the pump manufacturers too) and then homemade some more with
a little bit of iron-on-patch and cutting/sewing on $6 ordinary
[ maybe I should make up pattern and post some instructions]
That as both night and athletic-top wear.
Inside-out pajama-shirt also works nicely, to put pocket inside-right
from standard outside-left.

David C. Winegarden
t1 since mid-1950's, pumping since Jan1993

also refer to
Jamie StarGal29
Paula Willis

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