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RE: [IP] mm508/Pump Failure ugh!

email @ redacted wrote:
Hi! Pump failure, man that stinks! Hey just so you know disetronic gives you 2 pumps when you buy from them. At least they used too 2 years ago. Hope that helps! 
>Hi All, my pump failed last night, it would not let me bolus and brought up 
>the lcd panel, then quickly gave a message of ver i60, something like that. I 
>of course was in a pannick, never had a problem with pump. i call mm and they 
>said its a software problem and i need to send pump back, they will give me a 
>loaner and my pump will be sent back in 8 to 12 weeks. so i had to take shots 
>until today and my cde lent me apump until i get new one tomorrow. has anyone 
>else gone thru this? i wish mm would give us 2 pumps at a time, one for 
>backup. I guess when my ins. lets me get a new one one, i can keep old one 
>for back up. thanks Eileen
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