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[IP] Musicians and DM

On 8/14/02 11:11 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> Just wondering if any of you musician folks out there have playing injuries
> (tendonitis, carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve issues) and if you think your DM plays
> a part in it. I've been playing acoustic bass for 20 years now, and a few
> years ago (couple years after diagnosis) started getting elbow pain, tingling
> in fingers. It's pretty uncommon for someone to get injured after so many
> years of healthy and strong playing, and after going to a bunch of
> specialists, I concluded it must be related to DM. I'm more careful these days
> with stretching and don;t play 6 hour jazz gigs anymore. But I still have
> flare-ups and this is what I do for a living. What do y'all do?
> Thanks,
> Catherine

It wasn't so much the DM, but when my thyroid 'died' I couldn't play 3 songs
on my guitar without my hand and arm seizing up in a major cramp. When I
started Synthroid, after a couple of days my muscle spasms went away.
*I* find if I start to get a sore wrist or arms now, I reset the guitar
strap to another level (Higher or lower) to offer variance to where my arm
and hand are actually at for a given time. I also have 2 different guitars
and one of them has light-medium gauge strings and the other has light
gauge. This allows me to vary the pressure needed by my fingers and hand on
the fret board.

*Most* of my gigs are from 2-3 and sometimes 6 hours, but I can still do
them. I just have to make sure my posture and positioning isn't 'static' and
that change is usually good.
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Jenny Sutherland
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