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Re: [IP] mm508/Pump Failure ugh!

> Hi All, my pump failed last night, it would not let me bolus and
> brought up the lcd panel, then quickly gave a message of ver i60,
> something like that. I of course was in a pannick, never had a
> problem with pump. i call mm and they said its a software problem
> and i need to send pump back, they will give me a loaner and my pump
> will be sent back in 8 to 12 weeks. so i had to take shots until
> today and my cde lent me apump until i get new one tomorrow.

You can inject directly into most of the infusion sets. Regular 
insulin can be used to cover basal for 4-5 hours at a time so that 
you don't need long term insulin -- after all, until they invented 
NPH, that's how everyone did it. Next time ask you CDE for 
recommendations on how to do this and ask the list about their 
personal experiences with using this method.

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