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[IP] (IP) Seeking Advice

I'm still in the planning stages of getting on the pump and have really loved 
the information this group supplies.  I am trying to decide which pump, it 
looks like my insurance will cover 80% of whichever I choose.  Since I am 
starting to get some complications, I plan to go for the tightest control 
that I can.   Which pump gives the best advantage to tight control?   Has 
anyone had bad experiences with a certain brand or company?  What are the 
favorite brands?   Since weight gain has made me insulin resistant too, I 
don't think the MiniMed Paradigm will hold enough insulin in the reservoir 
unless I can refill between replacing the site/infusion set, is this possible?


Rhonda, age 42, diagnosed at age 3 in 1963.  
Living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.
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