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[IP] fun in the water with pumps - absolute must for me

Just wanted to add a comment on water activities with a pump.  Although 
this isn't as important to many people, for the people who rank this as a 
high feature on their list.  I have gone waterskiing with my pump.  I have 
a boat, and a house at the ocean (yes, we are talking salt water and all 
the stuff that lives in it).  When I am doing high-impact water activities 
like skiing or body surfing, I wear a one piece bathing suit and a pair of 
running shorts which have a little pocket.  The pump (a D-tron) fits 
perfectly in the pocket, and I can pin it closed for extra security.  I 
also did this on all the water rides at Disney last year.  For quieter 
activities like laying in the water, I usually just use the clip on the 
waist of a two piece.  For just cruising in the water with waves 
occasionally crashing into the boat, I'm glad I don't need to worry about 
extra protection (for the pump).  It is a part of me, and it needs to be 
something really unusual and important for me to consider removing it.  My 
next pump has to meet the same requirements.

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