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[IP] Re: Re:remember -- peas

In a message dated 8/13/02James Parsons" <email @ redacted writes:

<< I was six when I was dx'd and went into the hospital October 1964. You 
guessed it--Halloween! Of course, all the other kids in the children's wing 
got bags of candy. I got peas. >>

I don't know just what you meant by this (I am picturing a fancy orange jack 
o' lantern filled with bright green peas <gr.>, but somehow I suspect not), 
but it reminded me that peas were a big part of my childhood.  In the early 
years, they were just a vegetable, then became a B vegetable, only later a 
bread (you people who followed Exchange systems will know what I'm talking 
about <gr.>).  In those elementary school years when I was always starving, 
peas and carrots, along with celery and large chunks of iceberg lettuce, (and 
Burgundy-flavored Trim) were what I pigged out on.  The palms of my hands 
were sometimes orange from the carrots.  Springtime when we sometimes had 
fresh peas to be eaten raw out of the pods was my favorite, but most of the 
time I would take that frozen cube of peas out of the freezer, get out a 
thick but dull knife to hammer into it, and gather the icy peas that 
scattered all over and eat them while still frozen.   I will still 
occasionally snack on frozen peas -- they are so much nicer now, without all 
the ice, and pour out so nicely from bags, individually frozen.  I do, 
however, now count the carbohydrates (minus the fiber).  Taught both my 
children (and some of their friends) to do it, too.

Linda Z
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