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[IP] Re: Carrie Pump Vacation

Pump vacations should be part of every diabetic's insulin pump therapy.  Your 
sites need a break from time to time and it is a nice mental break.  I 
suggest you consult your doctor about your daughter using Lantus.  I take a 
day here and there and find my BSg's well managed as I seem to test twice as 
much while on shots to insure no mess ups-  I would suggest a 3-4 week break 
to as she can learn how to manage her diabetes with lantus then taking one or 
two day breaks in the future will be a lot easier-  She'll most likely need 
2x her dialy basal rate totals for the Lantus injection and 3-4 smaller 
injections of Humalog, Novalog and/or Humalin Regular.  I prefer the Humalin 
Regular when on Lantus because it last longer and handles fat intake better.  
If you use the Novalong/Humalog short acting insulins, you might want to 
really control her fat intake.  And above all, she'll enjoy the break as her 
sites have a chance to heal up-  I have been there and have done that, and 
you really risk her not being to use her sites at all if they don't get a 
long break from time to time. I was on the pump from 1982-1986 and had to go 
off of it for several years as a result of overused ab sites.  It took a 
couple of years before I could use my tummy for shots.  This situation can be 
avoided by utilizing alternative insulin therapies from time to time- It also 
will help her get over the sot scare for kids who may not be use to them as a 
result of using a pump-  Easier said then done, but a necessary task- 

GL!  Bryon
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