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Re: [IP] insulin in '20s

> >>> she lived to the ripe old age of
> 90-something, and was dotty as a batty loon near the end.  :)
> Dotty (marks) from injections? Or a looneytune (not in her right mind)?

the latter.  now, she may have been in her right mind, but it didn't match
the right minds of other people.  she was a very nice woman though, mom
liked her lots.   her husband was a bit of a nut though.  also the local

> In my mind I think the kids must be in their 40s, then I bring myself to
> reality and think if she had them when she was about 30(?) and she died in
> her 90s, then they are well into their 60s - if not older. (~_^)

her kids would be, now, in their mid to late 50's, they were close in age to
my mother.  our family tends to wait a while to have kids, not quite sure
why, but we do.  she died just 6 or so years ago.
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