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[IP] Lumpy spots

Hi All,
    I was awakened this morning by my four year old son telling me that
Caitlyn was in the bathroom throwing up.  I dragged my sleep deprived body out
of bed (I have a 7 week old girl) and went to the bathroom to find her draped
across the toilet.  She tested her BG and it was 453.  I gave her an injection
(3 1/2 units by syringe).  I tested her urine and her ketones were through the
roof before she pulled it out to show it to me... sugar reading on strip
followed quickly behind.  She drank some water, threw up and proceeded to act
sleepy.  I got her BG down to 152 before we went to the doctor
    When I took her in, he said that her abdomen (her choice of site
locations) was very lumpy and probably wasn't absorbing the insulin.  He told
her that she had a choice: she can wear her set on her upper buttocks/hip
area, or she could take a one month long "pump vacation".
    Here is my question:  Has anyone out there taken a pump vacation?  AND:
How hard is it to put in the set in that location?  On another note:  Does
anyone have a child that uses the silhouette (spelling?)  I am wondering if
she would like it more than the soft-set micro.  Any thoughts would be greatly
appreciated!  THANKS!

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd 20 months, 7 Y.O. pumping for 2 years!
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