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[IP] women only?

Pesbrandt asked:
> Does anyone out there (ladies only please) who wears their Pump 
> without the holster in their bra

(inserting tongue in cheek)

ohhhh you are such a sexist!!!  what about men out there who probably OUGHT 
to wear a bra????  don't their opinions count?  and are women who DON'T wear 
a bra excluded from commenting??  how about those that clamp it right onto 
their nipple!!!  LOLOLOLOLOL

personally I find the lump IN my bra to be as annoying as the one on my hip.  
have you considerd that "thigh thing?"  Michael writes about how his daughter 
Lily wears these bike short things under her skirts and attaches the pump in 
the leg of that...how short your skirts are might preclude you from this, but 
just an option to the "hot spot."

:-)  good luck

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