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[IP] fat added .....

just to clarify...

Roselea responded to my post with

> I agree Sara....but the only difference here is how to bolus for 
> those fatty carbs.  If I eat...roll of Necco's candies, I'm probably gonna 
> need the insulin fairly quickly since those are nearly pure sugar.  If 
> I were going to eat an equal carb serving of Ben and Jerry's I would bolus 
> a bit differently. Yes, the total amount of insulin taken would be the 
> same carb per carb, but just the speed of bolusing would be different.  

Did I not say this???  here is what I wrote:

> I just need to know that the banana carbs are gonna hit my blood 
> a tad faster than the bread (with fat) carbs and maybe take my insulin a 
> tad earlier...BUT the point is, how often do we ONLY eat pure carbs?  

Just wanted to make sure I had not been MISUNDERSTOOD!!!  heh heh..you KNOW 
how I hate to be MIS UNDERSTOOD

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