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[IP] deciding

so just my 18 cents worth...

but if you are trying to decide between a Paradigm and a 508,, I would choose 
the 508 based on a number of things, (one NOT being MNMD customer service 
lately :-/)

first and most important is the COMPATABILITY of the infusion sets with other 
infusion sets.  You do NOT have to use the propriety sets that work ONLY with 
the paradigm...They ought to GIVE you the paradigm KNOWING you HAVE to 
purchase infusion sets to use it!!  If you use the minimed silhouette, you 
can also use the disetronic tender or the pureline comfort or whatever that 
new one is (simple choice??). I think the sof set and the rapids are also 
compatible (?)  This ALONE, makes it worth not switching for me...A) I have a 
butt load of 508 supplied that minimed will not take back and B) this is 
AMERICA, where we are supposed to have choice and where we OUGHT to be 
expected to assert our freedom of choice by purchasing from the manufacturer 
we prefer, from the supplier with the best rates, and NOT being forced to 
purchase from a monopoly - this is not russia for god's sake!

As for being waterproof...big whup - how many people here feel entirely 
comfortable water skiing with a $5,000 piece of equipment TAPED to their 
body?  not me, baby.  I am gonna take that sucker off as I am NOT gonna troll 
the bottom of Lake Livingston looking for the pump that was ripped from my 
body in my 


As for floating for hours in a lake or pool...this assumes you are peeing in 
the lake or pool....and personally I can't abide that...so if I plan an 
afternoon of lazing in the poo, I  am quite comfortable boluisng for hte 
anticipated missed bolus, disconnect for an hour or so, re-attach for a quick 
insulin hit, go pee, get a drink, REAPPLY SUNSCREEN, unhook and hop back in 
less than 5 minutes - no cancer time lost!!  OR if I am bound and determined 
NOT to get out of the pool for hell or high water (heh heh...that is a joke, 
get it?), I can put the 508 in a baggie...tape it closed with clear packing 
tape and still see through it to bolus, if necessary. (but how do you know if 
it is necessary??  do you TEST out there floating in the lake, too??  is 
there a water proof meter???)

There are virtually no other important differences in the old version and the 
new version are there?  as far as that goes, the 504 and the earlier models 
do everything a pump ever really needed to do in the first place!!

Just my opinionated opinion

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