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[IP] insulin in '20s

>>> my great aunt - my mom's mom's sister - developed diabetes young, back
before the injectable insulin was available (i forget exact dates, but she
must have got it back in the 1910's-1920's - i'll have to check her

The first insulin was a muddy brown. Hurray for purifiction!

>>> somehow she was able to keep it under some control - i don't know how -
until she was able to inject insulin.

The diets then were extreeeeeemly restrictive. Perhaps they *caught* it in
time that a strict diet would help the control. Mine was caught when I went
into a coma for several hours (at least 7).

>>>mom said she had huge patches of skin on the arm that was all tough from
the injections, back then they were told to only inject in the arm.

Perhaps that brown stuff at first helped do that.

>>> she lived to the ripe old age of
90-something, and was dotty as a batty loon near the end.  :)

Dotty (marks) from injections? Or a looneytune (not in her right mind)?

>>>her husband
may have had something to do with that too though. <G>  she had two kids,
both are still healthy, with kids of their own.

In my mind I think the kids must be in their 40s, then I bring myself to
reality and think if she had them when she was about 30(?) and she died in
her 90s, then they are well into their 60s - if not older. (~_^)

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