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RE: [IP] waiting for a cure?

what is the first thing you're going to do?

	I can tell you for my brother who has had a kidney/pancreas transplant that
he was in total shock!

	He couldn't believe that they were giving him a can of REGULAR soda or
fruit juice, chocolate chip cookies or a piece of cake and other "forbidden
stuff" and that he was allowed to eat it without b.g. going sky high!

	He now is able to eat anything he wants to eat and every once in a while,
he checks his b.g. to see what it is.  It's normal of course but it's still
quite a difference after being diab for more than 35 years!

	As for me?  I would love to be able to not have diabetes for at least just
one day.  I would eat anything I wanted to and not have to worry about how
many carbs or fats there were in it and not have to calculate how much
insulin I needed for it or what my b.g. would be 3 hrs later!!!  Now
wouldn't that be nice???

	Kathy B.
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