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Re: [IP] Morning Bolus

Judy asked:

> ... So we started using her
> breakfast bolus no matter what time she woke up and that seemed to work.
> guess it's just the way her body uses insulin when she wakes up no matter
> what time it is?????  Any thoughts????

This is not such a bad strategy, since the human body does manufacture
increased levels of various hormones before waking.  As any CDE will tell
you, one, and only one, hormone lowers blood glucose: insulin, many others
RAISE blood glucose levels.  I believe (but don't know) that this
pre-awakening increase in hormone production is distinct, and separate from
normal diurnal patterns.  Sorry, I'm no expert, and can't point you to
published sleep research articles centering on hormone production.
I experience dawn phenomena and have basal rates (used day-in, day-out) for
this.  Like many, I too like to "sleep in" on weekends.  Can any experts in
our group can tell us details about daily hormone production patterns vs.
pre-awakening hormone production?  I'm curious if two "dawn phenomenas"
could happen by sleeping in, or if waking from an afternoon nap could cause
sufficient rise in hormone levels to affect blood glucose levels.

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