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Re: [IP] Re:remember

> Becky, I, too, was in the hospital at Easter in 1963.  I remember the
> kids getting baskets with candy in them.

I was six when I was dx'd and went into the hospital October 1964. You
guessed it--Halloween! Of course, all the other kids in the children's wing
got bags of candy. I got peas. I just remember being incredibly sad (and the
crabby nurses didn't help much). But I soon got used to not eating candy and
that actually became an asset as I got older.

BTW, I also remember my parents got a "scare" that Halloween. An intern gave
me an overdose of insulin and I almost died. After getting over the shock,
my Mom was actually happy because for the first time in months she same me
alert and energetic! Don't recommend the procedure, tho :)

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