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Re:[IP]%of getting diabetes if father isT1

At 01:13 PM 8/13/02 -0700, you wrote:
> > I'm wondering if anybody has a chart showing the probability/% of
> > getting diabetes if the father of the child is diabetic (Type 1)?

I was dx'd at 7.T1 my brother was dx'd at 24.T1. our mothers mother was T1 
and died from complications at 31 when my our mother was 12. all 3 of my 
children ages 8 1/2, 7, and 3 are all healthy and my brothers 2 children 
9,and 3 are both healthy. we both get our children checked all the time. 
Our kids doctors tell us both the same thing, not to worry because there 
isn't any proof that they will get this horrid disease. just my 2 cents.
Phil Davis  
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