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Re: [IP] Why Can't I Feel Sorry For Myself ... YES YOU CAN

>{{{Fran}}}}.....I am so sorry for what you are going through but you made me
>smile.....a few months ago, I was talking with a long time friend, Mary's
>numbers were roller coasting, I had been to the hospital twice, four small
>stroke events since February, docs talking MS, myasthenia gravis or
>rheumatoid arthritis, couldn't pay the bills....well you get the
>picture...and I was trying to talk through some feelings (I have no hubby and
>I have known this dude since 2nd grade)...he says..yeah, yeah , well Mr such
>and such has this and such and such died ...I said *what does that have to do
>with my situation?* He said face one thing at a time..which one, I responded?
>my daughter's health, my health, rent? food? or the school that won't take
>care of her?....I knew he couldn't *do* anything but acknowledgment would
>have been nice...thank goodness I have other friends..........sorry, I guess
>I needed to vent...but, many times people struggle and they need to be

Amen!  And many hugs back to you.  See I couldn't imagine going through 
what you are going through.  At one point in time during my ordeal things 
got a bit ugly cause I was in that situation of which one do I face 
first.  I can't imagine having the choices you had.  Now see is what I went 
through worse.  NOPE just different.  I hope this makes sense.  I am glad 
you mentioned friends.  I had an awesome support network which I feel in 
many ways saved my life and gave me something to fight for living.  And 
many of those wonderful people are on this list, plus my family, and my 
dear wonderful husband.  I am a very lucky person and grateful that I had 
such great people in my life to give the motivation I needed to fight like 
hell to survive 40 years of diabetes and the last 10 months.  For now and 
always I am fortunate enough to enjoy all these wonderful people and enjoy 
each day and moment.

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