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Re: [IP] ignorance about DM - was Why Can't I Feel Sorry For Myself

Meg wrote:
>>>I was actually relieved 15 years ago when I was diagnosed. I knew
something was drastically wrong. <snip> Obviously my family nor I knew
anything about the big D. I was so ignorant and thought diabetics JUST
didn't eat sugar. duh!!! >>>

*If* you had not been dx'd with DM, and it had been something else, today
(15 yrs later) would you know about DM? My point is, there are many, many,
many people still with the same knowledge as what you had back then. When I
was dx'd at 11.5 (11/5/50) the only thing I had ever heard about DM was a
neighbor about my age 4-5 years prior said her uncle had to eat a spoon of
sugar everyday to keep from getting sugar diabetes. I believe the majority
(even many who should be familiar with DM) of people don't really have a
clue what this is all about. YMMV (~_^)

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