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[IP] Re: Need Advice!

Dear Heather,

I don't want to tell you whether to switch or not to switch, but since I
have a Paradigm I thought I could give you an overview.  This is the
first pump I've had, and keep in mind I've only had it for a few months,
so I have nothing to compare it to.  But as for it not being waterproof,
(mentioned earlier by someone) I disagree.  First of all, Minimed says it
is waterproof, and I have gone swimming in chlorine, while wearing it. 
They say it's waterproof for 30 minutes up to 8 feet.  I went swimming
almost all day, (without a waterproof pouch to put it in) in and out of
the water.  I would get out and dry things off and stuff, but then I'd
get back in.  Everything worked fine!  So yes, it is water proof, not
water resistant!  It's smaller than the others, and I really like the
menu features.  It does have a dual wave and a square wave feature.&!
nbsp; Anyway, just my opinion, but I love my Paradigm! 

Original Message:

>The Paradigm is NOT waterproof, it is water resistant, like taking a
shower >with it on.

>If you are satisfied with the 508 why switch? You would be disappointed

>waterproof was the main reason for switching. > >========Original
Message======== >Subj: [IP] Need advice! >Date: 8/13/02 1:37:30 PM
Central Daylight Time >From: email @ redacted (Heather Brooks)
>Sender: email @ redacted >Reply-to:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted > > > > >Hi... I have
to decide whether I want to upgrade to the paradigm or stay >with my 508,
and I am VERY indecisive! My doctor thought they gave you >a month to try
it out, and could get your 508 back if not satisfied with >the paradigm,
but I was told this is not the case. The rep I spoke with >told me I can
try the paradigm out at the group training session (which >is 2-3 hours)
and decide then if it would work for me. This got me >mad... 2-3 hours is
insufficient time to tell if I'm going to like >something that'll be
attached to me 24 hours a day! (and why can't I >get a one-on-one
training? ... I realize this is due to the amount of >people switching
over) > >I could rant and rave about how unfair this, but what I need is
some >advice. I am completely happy with my 508, except for the fact that
>it's not waterproof. I already took a few swims without thinking! Is
>this reason enough to switch? I was also told by someone with a
>paradigm that the clip is terribly bulky... more like a cell phone
>holster than the clip on my 508. Also, I'm very comfortable with the
>menu on my 508. I use the dual wave function often. Do these things
>work as smoothly with the paradigm? Also, will the quicksets still
>work? I know these are stupid things to worry about, but that's me. >
>All advice would be greatly appreciated! Please email me directly at
>HYPERLINK "mailto:email @ redacted"email @ redacted
> >Thank you... Heather >


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