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Re: [IP] fat added

At 06:26 AM 8/13/02, you wrote:
>TRUE, but you would STILL take the same amount of insulin for it, wouldn't
>you???  1/2 banana = 1 unit of insulin for me - NO FAT.  ! slice of bread = 1
>unit of insulin, but it has a couple of grams of fat in it...Ijust need to
>know that the banana carbs are gonna hit my blood a tad faster than the bread
>carbs and maybe take my insulin a tad earlier...BUT the point is, how often
>do we ONLY eat pure carbs?  a fruit salad will shoot your bg up relatively
>quickly, but add in some cottage cheese, or a glass of milk and some
>crackers, and you can anticipate a relatively slow rise...it is why chocolate
>milk is such a perfect example.  If you just squirted the syrup into your
>mouth straight from the
>  bottle, you can expect a relatively quick rise - it has NO fat in it...but
>mix it in a glass of low fat milk and no huge spike!!!
>Chocolate milk...it's what's for dinner...

I agree Sara.... (and chocolate milk is one of my favorite foods... ) but 
the only difference here is how to bolus for those fatty carbs.  If I eat 
say, a roll of Necco's candies, I'm probably gonna need the insulin fairly 
quickly since those are nearly pure sugar.  If I were going to eat an equal 
carb serving of Ben and Jerry's I would bolus a bit differently. Yes, the 
total amount of insulin taken would be the same carb per carb, but just the 
speed of bolusing would be different.  It took me awhile in my early days 
of pumping to learn that and even now, I still sometimes miss the 
mark.  But hey, as Marie Antoinette said (or didn't say) "Let them eat 
cake!".  Woohoo.

A real PEARL... hehe
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