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Re: [IP] Need advice!

The Paradigm is NOT waterproof, it is water resistant, like taking a shower 
with it on.
If you are satisfied with the 508 why switch?  You would be disappointed if 
waterproof was the main reason for switching.

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Subj:   [IP] Need advice!   
Date:   8/13/02 1:37:30 PM Central Daylight Time    
From:    email @ redacted (Heather Brooks)
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Hi... I have to decide whether I want to upgrade to the paradigm or stay
with my 508, and I am VERY indecisive!  My doctor thought they gave you
a month to try it out, and could get your 508 back if not satisfied with
the paradigm, but I was told this is not the case.  The rep I spoke with
told me I can try the paradigm out at the group training session (which
is 2-3 hours) and decide then if it would work for me.  This got me
mad... 2-3 hours is insufficient time to tell if I'm going to like
something that'll be attached to me 24 hours a day!  (and why can't I
get a one-on-one training? ... I realize this is due to the amount of
people switching over)

I could rant and rave about how unfair this, but what I need is some
advice.  I am completely happy with my 508, except for the fact that
it's not waterproof.  I already took a few swims without thinking!  Is
this reason enough to switch?  I was also told by someone with a
paradigm that the clip is terribly bulky... more like a cell phone
holster than the clip on my 508.  Also, I'm very comfortable with the
menu on my 508.  I use the dual wave function often.  Do these things
work as smoothly with the paradigm?  Also, will the quicksets still
work?  I know these are stupid things to worry about, but that's me.  

All advice would be greatly appreciated!  Please email me directly at
HYPERLINK "mailto:email @ redacted"email @ redacted 

Thank you... Heather

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