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Re: [IP] JV worries

 Thank you for your post. It was so consoling to not feel so alone. The
other  night at bedtime Jenny was 500 and she didn't feel high. We still
don't know why, except I suspect she ate and didn't bolus. With a bolus
of 8, she only dropped 40 the first hour, then 150 each of the next two
hours. So she went to sleep at 1 a.m. at 160 and work up at 126.

Her averages tend to be 200 or so. Unfortunately, she does not feel high
bg's. I suppose her body is used to them. Also, unfortunately, she is
very afraid of lows which may contribute to her "forgetting" to bolus. At
13, she is only vaguely concerned about long term complications. The
short term ones are much more threatening in her mind.


email @ redacted wrote:

  In a message dated 8/12/02 12:41:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
  email @ redacted   writes:    

    . She disconnects the pump during sports, which would be fine if 
    she gave herself a litttle insulin before doing that.

    I'm struggling with letting go and it would be so much easier if she 
    were a little more responsible. My gut feeling is that if I'm not there 
    she will be ok, but it is soooooo hard.  

  Kay (and Robin):
       Boy did this bring back memories....Melissa played field hockey & was 
  told repeatedly by her CDE that she could NOT be off her pump longer than 90 
  minutes without taking some insulin...chalk it up to being 14, or 15 or 
  wanting to "forget" she had diabetes, she DIDN'T reconnect until 
  practice/game ended several hours later....after the 4th time of picking her 
  up at 6:00 & having a VERRRRY nasty teenager who couldn't eat dinner, 
  couldn't think clearly to do homework  & whose bgs were in the high 300s, I 
  gave her an ultimatum - either be responsible or be off the team...we got 
  through that season, but the following fall she realized the sports didn't 
  mean enough to her....Unlike Michael's Lily and probably unlike your kids, 
  she was never "into" sports that much....If one is truly an athlete, I would 
  hope that "doing what's needed" in order to function at one's "personal b
  "should" be enough of an incentive....and yet....
      Melissa is now 19 1/2, and sports haven't been an issue for years... she 
  recently baby-sat for a former neighbor & spent the afternoon in their 
  pool...we picked her up to go out & I casually asked what her bgs 
  were...DUH..how about she'd been disconnected for FOUR hours & had taken NO 
  insulin- even for lunch!!!....Never did figure out where her head was that 
  day, BUT here's the lesson: C-O-N-S-E-Q-U-E-N-C-E-S......Not only did she 
  have to deal with feeling AWFUL, with listening to me rant & rave (because I 
  was scared),  with bgs in the 400s, with having to guzzle water & wait for 
  her bgs to begin to respond (came down 5 points in the first 90 minutes), but 
  our trip to the mall, which was supposed to end with a trip to the Cheesecake 
  Factory, DIDN'T, because over 2 hours later, she was still in the low 300s & 
  felling lousy....Aside from unnervin
  g me, that episode also made me realize 
  how RELENTLESS diabetes is & how I think she simply wanted to "forget", 
  possibly because that neighbor's son was born the week before her dx almost 
  10 years ago???????
     p.s. we did go to the Cheescake Factory last night & she even came home & 
  did the treadmill!! LOL
  Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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