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[IP] feeling sorry

Jenni wrote
> things tobe thankful for.  I have a good life, good love, and good 
> children.  But could someone tell me if I am alone or wrong in 
> once in a while, thinking tomyself.. "DRATS"!!!


Our dear Randall, the pumping pastor, wrote, here, a long time ago, something 
that i kept..and reprint here, hopefully with his permission:

"In this situation most of us should feel sorry for reality.....This kind of 
introduces another idea - why do so many people commiserate with complaints 
of the form:

"My favorite sports team is loosing this year..."
"My dog has fleas..."
"The chauffeur spilt coffee on the front seat of the Rolls..."
"My stockbroker has a hernia from lifting all my dividend checks..."

And very few people would comment to those complainers about feeling sorry 
for themselves and dealing with reality...  but when those of us who battle 
any chronic condition or long term medical problem mention that it is a 
problem we are often told
to "get a grip on it" by the very people who ought to be helping to deal with 
the problems. 

I get tired of people who comment about how "easy" it is to deal with 
diabetes, cancer, disabilities or other problems from the vantagepoint of the 
never affected.  I can sort of understand their place, because I think people 
who complain about traffic
jams in urban areas are funny.  I mean, traffic is easy here - and a traffic 
delay is two cars in front of you at the stoplight!  So can I legitimately 
respond to them that "You need to get a grip on reality and stop magnifying 
your problem.  It's easy to deal
with..." or do I need to stop for a moment and realize that for them at that 
moment it is a problem?  

One of the things I learned in the ministry is that someone else's problems 
always look  minimal if you are not involved in helping to resolve them.  
Once you take a look at the real situation you generally find things that are 
difficult to deal with...
from the people, situations, needs, events to just general malaise and 
hostility from the non-impacted...

No one's  problem is so small that I can justify calling it or them 
trivial... and no one's problem is so big that I cannot at least attempt to 
assist them in finding a solution...   I'd better get off the pulpit before 
someone realizes I'm preaching again..."

So, feel bad if you want, but DON"T LET IT STOP YOU FROM LIVING!  Hell we all 
get blue and sad at some point, it is called LIFE, despite what that stupid 
anti-depressant commercial with the bouncing blob says....Life is NOT fair 
and sometimes it deals you a crappy hand - no one expects you to be happy 
about that ALL the freaking time!!!

feel better...but if you don't, s'ok by me

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