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Re: [IP] Blood Pressure Question

At 06:53 AM 8/13/02, you wrote:
>Hope someone can help me here. I have noticed that my blood pressure is 
>about 140 over 90 and my doctor doesn't seem concerned.  I am on 40 mg of
>Prinivil (not for elevated blood pressure, but for my kidneys). I have 
>the last week that elevated stress levels have elevated my blood pressure.
>Several readings have been in the 150 - 100 range.  I am not feeling the same
>Should I be concerned and if so,  what type of physician can help me?

Yes, you should be concerned Andy.  Remember that high blood pressure 
(along with high blood sugars) will lead to kidney disease.  Is this doctor 
your Endo, or just  a GP?

David in Winter Park
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