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RE: [IP] Air Bubbles AGAIN...dawn phenomenon?

"Well, got up this morning with a reading of "high"..checked tubing and yep,
there was a large space of an air bubble in it so I'm guessing I didn't get
insulin overnight."

Your morning high may be due to Dawn Phenomenon...and not the pump/tubing itself...you may be requiring more insulin through-out the night. Dawn phenonmenon is quite common. One theory behind it is that your body is releasing hormones while you are sleeping, hormones often causes sugars to rise. Try tweaking your basal so that you get more during the early morning hours...if you really want to find out if this is the culprit try testing periodically thru-out the night and see if your sugars start rising. MiniMed's CGMS product is great for this too, if your Dr. has one ask about being put on it, the info you will gain will be invaluable.

PS...Don't give up!

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