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Re: [IP] Why Can't I Feel Sorry For Myself


About your post and feeling sorry for yourself..........
I think most of us feel sorry for ourselves at some time or another.
In reality when I tend to start the feeling sorry for myself I take a look 
around and see all that I do have to be thankful for. Sure Diabetes is a pain 
and it does not seem fair to have it sometimes.
Then I look at ALL the people with terminal cancer or any of the other 
crippling illnesses.Illnesses where there is no "Insulin" to control it, no 
Pump that they can where etc... I then am in a way thankful that I only have 
diabetes and am able to control it.
I worked as a nurse and have seen many people very sick and in bad 
situations, I worked with Hospice and watched people die that were not 
fortunate enough to have medication to keep them alive.
I have worked in a Children's Hospital and seen young children die and get so 
mad, because it seems so unfair.

So feeling sorry for myself for having diabetes is to me selfish. Sure I wish 
I did not have it, but I do and I just live with it. I feel like I should 
kick myself in the butt when I feel sorry for myself.

I am not judging you by any means for feeling sorry for yourself, because I 
know how you feel. I just wanted to share my thoughts on feeling sorry for 
myself !

Happy Pumping !


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