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Re: [IP] Why Can't I Feel Sorry For Myself

Hi Jenni - and all the IPer's

I think the occasional "why me" is entirely reasonable. This is our lot in life but to sometimes resent it a bit is perfectly normal - we must guard against blaming everything on the big "D". 

My example was last week - I was on a cruise celebrating our 10th anniversary - it was absolutely wonderful! Dax made enjoying the food a good experience. My "why me" moment was one evening when I was having some bad BG's - I had accidentily come un-hooked (I think I didn't get it locked in after my shower - I've never done that before) - anyway - I apparently didn't get ANY of my dinner bolus - plus I was a bit high to begin with. So my 2 hr post was 455! So as we were in one of the lounges watching people dance I was extremely resentful of all these women who were up and down and not worrying about purses (on a ship you don't have to carry anytying but your room key/charge card) - meanwhile I was sitting there with my big old bag with my meter in it - that night I wasn't drinking either cuz of the BG's - it wasn't my favorite evening.

But the very next night - all was well - so I left my meter in the cabin - and we danced the night away up in the Viking Crown Lounge for the "70's Disco Night" - I enjoyed a margarita and BG's that were on target. 

So all in all - it was great, I managed well but just the momentary lapse.

Linda & Dax
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