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Re: [IP] a carb is a carb is a carb and by any other name would still raise your bg

> I was also up before the chickens this morning. It is MUGGY here as well
> (Williamsburg, Virginia) but . . . the reason I was up differs a bit! I
> zipped out for a ride on my motorcycle ;-) Now I'll be smiling all day -
> which is good as I have lot of new computers to get up and running at the
> college. The kids will return soon!
> Not bad for a 55 year old girl kid, eh?
> Hope you squashed the migraines . . . don't they have some new drug out
> specifically for migraines?

i'm sure there are some meds for migraines, but in the past couple years,
the migraines had decreased in number so that i was only getting a few a
month, instead of a few a week, which is what i used to get when i was
unfortunately the head is still a mess, and my stomach is rather upset too.
i'm not nervous about the exam, i just feel sick.  this summer's been awful
for migraines, lots of very very hot days, and horrid humidity.  oh well, an
hour until i've got to write the exam.  i don't want to get there until
right before, otherwise i will get nervous with all the other students
getting worked up around me. :)
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