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Re: [IP] Why Can't I Feel Sorry For Myself

> Ok.. here is my question.  I know there are so many people in the world
> have such huge problems.  I am very happy and thankful for what I have in
> life.  But why is it everytime I speak about what a raw deal having
> is I get the same ol lecture about not feeling sorry for myself.  I really
> don't think I am... I am just speaking the truth.  Diabetes sucks!!  And
> if I am feeling sorry for myself... don't I have the right, even if its
> sometimes, to feel like I got handed a raw deal??   I have so many things
> be thankful for.  I have a good life, good love, and good children.  But
> someone tell me if I am alone or wrong in once in a while, thinking to
> myself.. "DRATS"!!!

i tend to try to joke about any problems that i've got with or because of
the dm.  learned that i get that same response - about not feeling sorry for
myself - from people if you talk about it seriously.  i have learned how to
be more considerate of other people's feelings when i learn of any condition
they have.  ask questions politely, try to learn about it, and not tell
horror stories. :)
but if people say that i focus on my dm too much (???  too much???), i now
tell them that dm is something that affects a lot of my life, if not all,
and i have to focus on it to stay healthy.  occasionally i also toss in a
small bit about how anyone can get dm, and that they're getting some free
education in advance. <G>
it is easier to have a forum like this to rant to sometimes.  at least you
know that here, someone else has had a similar experience at some point.
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