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Re: [IP] fat added

> milk is such a perfect example.  If you just squirted the syrup into your
> mouth straight from the
>  bottle, you can expect a relatively quick rise - it has NO fat in
> mix it in a glass of low fat milk and no huge spike!!!

i've never really liked chocolate milk, but can completely understand why
other people might.
this summer i've been hearing from a number of people about their student
summer jobs, including from one who's brother worked at some milk place in
ontario.  he had said that while the label says 1% milk, it's more of a
guess, since at his plant, they just used leftovers from all the other
milks - homo, 2%, 1%, and skim - and added the chocolate.  now, maybe he was
joking, maybe he wasn't.  i think this was the same person who worked in
another food processing place once where his job sometimes was to wait for
the bran flakes machine to back up, and then take a stick and try to loosen
it up.  <G>  it's never a real summer job until you can laugh about it.
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