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Re: [IP] a carb is a carb is a carb and by any other name would still raise your bg

> And those nasty "dietetic" cakes and cookies and candies are
> give you the runs, taste bad and have just as many carbs as the "real"
>  It makes me laugh when people say honey is better for you than white
> sugar..."oh there is no sugar in my healthy granola...it has honey and
> raisins..."  please give me a break!  What the hell do you think is in the
> honey and raisins...a FORM of sugar!!!

<G>  well meaning family members, when i was first diagnosed, bought me some
of those "diabetic" chocolates and candies.  didn't take a whole lot for me
to feel absolutely miserable, sitting on the toilet.  ugh.  maybe some
people can eat them ok, but i tend to warn people away from them.  when i
looked at the carbs a little closer, i realized it made a lot more sense for
me to have the real thing, since it wouldn't make me feel as bad, if i had
it in moderation.  i warn most people away from any of the -ol sweeteners
(they use that in a "no sugar added" ice cream here, which tastes pretty
bad, and has the same carbs.  whatever!).

on a not quite related note, i was looking around for a bouillon cube or
soup that was low in salt - anyone notice that it's almost impossible to
find commercial soups that aren't laden in salt? - for my father.  i went
into a health food store and nearly wet myself laughing.  they had a "no
salt" chicken bouillon cube, at least, until you looked at the label a
little closer.  it had sea salt.  <groan>  the sodium level was actually
higher than some of the other cubes and mixes, but in some dream world, sea
salt's sodium is healthier than regular table salt.

ugh.  i'm awake far too early because it's already really hot and muggy -
it's supposed to go up to 34 today.  my migraines are shooting up along with
my sugars in this.  unfortunately, i also have an exam this morning, in
2&1/2 hours, and i can't find any painkillers.  bleah!

liz - melting in ottawa.
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