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Re: [IP] a cure to me...

The dictionary defines cure as act of healing; that which heals. I translate
this to mean to remedy the original problem and not put a bandaid on it.
Putting a bandaid on a cut is not the process of healing but for protection.
Real healing is the bodies own natural ability to heal itself by growing new
cells, blood clotting, etc.

> well sspaz,
>     in response to your post, i guess all i can say is that a cure means
> different things for different people...to me, a closed loop artificial
> pancreas is NOT a trade off! what am i trading off??  my paradigm insulin
> pump which i manually control for a closed loop system which controls
> automatically, and for which i NO LONGER need to worry about my blood
> swings and constant finger pricking???!!!!!
>  an artificial pancreas does not need any immunosuppressants...to me,
> are NO drawbacks to the system, aside from the fact that its not here
>    but soon  enough...the implanted pump which is the foundation for the
> minimed closed loop system is already on the market in europe, and the
> implanted long term glucose sensor has already proved reliable, safe and
> effective in HUMAN (not animal) clinical studies...the algorithm between
> pump and the sensor is just being perfected..
>         the closed loop system has already been developed...its just a
> of which pump company will come out with the best one first (most likely,
> minimed)
>                    to me....THIS IS THE ONLY CURE I NEED...or at least
> ENOUGH for the foreseeable future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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