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[IP] Re: Soda in the '50s----sweeteners

Yes, saccharin and cyclamates are available for sale in Canada.  However, 
both of these products are only available as table top sweeteners and can not 
be used in any other products.  
Saccharin is sold as "Sweet 'n Low".  Cyclamate is sold under the brand name 
Sucaryl and is used in Sugar Twin.  

When we moved to the UK, I needed to look for sugar free beverages for 
Claire, then aged 4.  I was totally shocked to see that 90% of the drinks 
marketed for kids contained these products.  The clerks in the shops thought 
I was crazy, turning around every bottle on the shelf, row after row, trying 
to find one with Aspartame or Ace-K instead.  Finally did find one brand.  
Children there have a big problem with tooth decay, thus most kids are given 
sugar-free beverages by their parents.  And many, many brands are readily 
available for this reason.  Even nice little tetra-pak drinks come in 
sugar-free varieties.  Something I missed when we returned to Canada

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8.  
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