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[IP] fat added

Roselea, that PEARL of a lady ;-), wrote:

> The only difference would be if it were a carb food with a lot of fat in 
> it... that might slow the absorption a bit.  YMMV.

TRUE, but you would STILL take the same amount of insulin for it, wouldn't 
you???  1/2 banana = 1 unit of insulin for me - NO FAT.  ! slice of bread = 1 
unit of insulin, but it has a couple of grams of fat in it...Ijust need to 
know that the banana carbs are gonna hit my blood a tad faster than the bread 
carbs and maybe take my insulin a tad earlier...BUT the point is, how often 
do we ONLY eat pure carbs?  a fruit salad will shoot your bg up relatively 
quickly, but add in some cottage cheese, or a glass of milk and some 
crackers, and you can anticipate a relatively slow rise...it is why chocolate 
milk is such a perfect example.  If you just squirted the syrup into your 
mouth straight from the
 bottle, you can expect a relatively quick rise - it has NO fat in it...but 
mix it in a glass of low fat milk and no huge spike!!!

Chocolate milk...it's what's for dinner...

Hey, I read a good one yesterday...You know why vegetarians are so thin???  
They eat less than us omniores - No one wants a second helping of 
sorry - no insult intended to the vegetarians...just thought it was cute...

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