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[IP] a carb is a carb is a carb and by any other name would still raise your bg

KAMcCord wrote:
> articles or research about the current thinking regarding IDDM 
> diabetics eating high sugar foods such as cakes, cookies, etc.? 
> I always felt that if you knew your carb/insulin ratio, there was no 
> reason you couldn't enjoy these in moderate amounts - 
> A friend who also has IDDM insists that diabetics are not "allowed" 
> to have any sweets. Is there research I can direct her to showing 
> that these are not harmful in moderation? 

well as usual, I have no FACTS or scientific evidence, (where is Wayne 
Mitzner when you need him), but I DO have an opinion...first of all, kudos to 
YOU for enjoying your food....although I will tell you even in immoderate 
amounts, we can enjoy them...we just have to bolus big time....and take our 
chances with the scale.

Now, as for your old fashioned friend, if you feel like getting into it with 
her - (and sometimes it is just easier to agree with the naysayers and let 
them live their puny, little lives), yu can tell her that whether your carbs 
come in the form of pure glucose (cotton candy) or in some complex starch 
(whole wheat, fiber added bread), or even simple carb (banana), it all boils 
down to the same thing.  You will need "X" units of nsulin to cover "X" 
number of carbs, no matter what the form is!!  Of course, you must also add 
in the variables like fat and protein and fiber that make calculating more 
difficult.  A piece of cake, a relatively complex starch with some fat, or a 
bowl of ice cream, is not going to shoot your blood sugar as high or as fast 
as say, a baked potato, based on the glycemic index of such things, provided 
you know HOW and WHEN to bolus, and HOW MUCH...it is mostly in the timing of 
the bolus, from my experience.  For example if I take the entire 8 units I 
need for a pint of ben and jerrys all at once, I can BET I will be low in an 
hour and sky HIGH in 3...but if i split the bolus and take 2/3 of it via a 
temp basal, then I know I can test in 3 hours and be in a good, if fatter, 

Personally, I think the ideal "diabetic" diet would be nothing but 
carbs...easy to adjust insulin, no lingering fat...in and out and back to 
normal...Of course, i am not ADVOCATING that, just thinking in LAZY terms how 
easy it would be to bolus for everything, but life is not easy, IS IT???? 

And those nasty "dietetic" cakes and cookies and candies are useless...they 
give you the runs, taste bad and have just as many carbs as the "real" thing! 
 It makes me laugh when people say honey is better for you than white 
sugar..."oh there is no sugar in my healthy granola...it has honey and 
raisins..."  please give me a break!  What the hell do you think is in the 
honey and raisins...a FORM of sugar!!!

When I was 12, my doctor asked me what I ate for breakgfast.  I said "12 
vanilla wafers, a popsicle, a spoon of peanut butter and some icecream.  He 
freaked - starting doing his hissy dance, then I explained that I had 2 bread 
exchanges, a fruit exchange, a meat, a milk and a fat to play with.  In the 
ADA approved book that his dietician gave me, 12 vanilla wafers equalled 2 
bread exchanges.  The froze fruit popsicle (or whatever brand it was) was 
equal to a fruit exchange, and the ice cream came out of the Jenny Jones 
diabetic cook book and was equal to one milk exchange, and the peanut butter 
equalled the meat and fat exchanges.  Surely not the most nutritious 
breakfast, but it met every one of the guidelines set down in the book.

Do I think if I had had an egg, a bowl of shredded wheat with milk and a 
glass of orange juice instead, would I be better off today???  No.  all that 
regularity in my bowel movements would have had a disastous affect on my 
world-view.  In fact, back then, it was not really my eating that was the 
problem, it was the fact that I didn't test my blood sugars.  

As I have said before, in order to even use a pump, you have to possess 
higher than
ordinary intelligence anyway - the math and timing calculations involved and 
emotional flexibility required are not easy or simple, so I think it is safe 
to say no one is gonna run out and eat a "ton" of sugar...but we DO have the 
get rid of the misconception that sugar KILLS.  I will be the one doing the 
killing next time some one looks at me with a raised eyebrow as I help myself 
to a piece of birthday cake, and that includes the frosting, thank you very 

Sara Smarty Pants AZ
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