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[IP] a cure to me...

In a message dated 8/12/02 10:50:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

well sspaz, 

    in response to your post, i guess all i can say is that a cure means 
different things for different people...to me, a closed loop artificial 
pancreas is NOT a trade off! what am i trading off??  my paradigm insulin 
pump which i manually control for a closed loop system which controls itself 
automatically, and for which i NO LONGER need to worry about my blood sugar 
swings and constant finger pricking???!!!!!

 an artificial pancreas does not need any immunosuppressants...to me, there 
are NO drawbacks to the system, aside from the fact that its not here TODAY!!

   but soon  enough...the implanted pump which is the foundation for the 
minimed closed loop system is already on the market in europe, and the 
implanted long term glucose sensor has already proved reliable, safe and 
effective in HUMAN (not animal) clinical studies...the algorithm between the 
pump and the sensor is just being perfected..

        the closed loop system has already been developed...its just a matter 
of which pump company will come out with the best one first (most likely, 

                   to me....THIS IS THE ONLY CURE I NEED...or at least GOOD 
ENOUGH for the foreseeable future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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