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Re: [IP] Quick-set question & weird experience


  First of all, YES, we had that partial disconnect happen to Josh once.  I 
noticed it actually turned just a little when I checked it after a high BG.  
But it really doesn't take much, does it??!!!!

   We use the MAstisol, which is similar to Skin Tac.  I apply it in a circle 
leaving the center free of the Mastisol for insertion.  The one thing I've 
noticed, atleast with the M., is that it gets a little glossy in firect light 
so it is easy for me to see whre the inner circle is for placing the inserter 
device.  You can actually leave a good 1/4-1/2" free in the middle and just 
make the swab of ST the size of the QS adhesive.

Good Luck!
Oh, every once in awhile you may want to use some sort of adhesive remover on 
the inserter to keep it cleaned off of the ST.  Otherwise the inserter device 
itself will start getting sticky and won't be as easy to release.  Boy did I 
learn this the hard way!!!

mom to Joshua
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