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Re: [IP] paradigm-refilling reservoir

At 02:23 PM 8/12/02 -0600, you wrote:
 >Hi does anyone refill their reservoir without changing their site? is it
 >possible??? im going to the training this friday and wont be able to use the
 >paradigm if i cant refill between site changes. I use 220 U each site change
 >with my 508.
Yes, it is possible.  You will need to re-use the tubing.  You can either 
use a new reservoir or re-use an old one.

Using a new reservoir is easy.  Just go through the normal steps using the 
old tubing and infusion set.  Make sure to do the full manual prime to 
completely fill the tubing and force all bubbles out.

If you want to re-use a reservoir you have to have the foresight to save 
the needle (blue thingy) and plunger arm somewhere so you can use them again.

Note: the manufacturer doesn't recommend doing this and the CDE probably 
won't either, but it is entirely possible.  It's just a little trickier 
than with the 508 since you have to remember to save two things (blue 
needle thingy and plunger) rather than just one (needle).

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