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Re: [IP] Air Bubbles AGAIN

On 8/12/02 11:10 AM, "Artorius Rex" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> If you don't inject air into the bottles, how do you keep from getting an
> incredibly (eventually) powerful vacuum inside the bottle?   When I'm filling
> my 300 unit cartridges, the insulin bottle will suck the insulin back out of
> the "syringe" unless I first inject some air into it first.

There is a very simple solution.   Have a syringe available that has the
plunger removed.  It doesn't matter about the size of it, 1/3, 1/2 or full
cc.  As you start to pull back on the plunger for your pump syringe, stick
the "plungerless" syringe into the bottle.  Air will be drawn up through
this and large bubbles will start forming at the top of the insulin in the
vial.  That won't matter for this will allow the pressure to equalize
without introducing a great amount of pressure to begin with.   I believe
that this helps to minimize the small bubbles that seem to develop in an
apparently "bubble free" syringe.   I've been doing this for the past
several years and always have good luck with it, until I get to the last bit
of insulin in the vial.  Then it becomes difficult to avoid drawing those
large bubbles.   I usually just transfer the insulin into a fuller vial when
it gets below 2 cc's.


> --- patti <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>  email @ redacted wrote:
>> The other change we made was our rep (who is a pumping diabetic) said
>> to NOT put air into the insulin bottles. We insert syringe into bottle
>> wihtout having drawn air first. Then we turn bottle upside down and
>> draw out the insulin. Bubble problem ended entirely.
>> We also started doing this recently, with the same result! (I wonder why
>> Logan's pump trainer had him put in the vial the same amount of air as the
>> insulin he was to draw out?)
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